• Adults - Gozo

    From €405

    • 20 lessons
    • Residence twin room
    • January - June
    • Individual Attention
    • Mature adults
    • Country side location
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  • Adults - Malta

    From €395

    • 20 lessons
    • Superior residence twin room
    • January - June
    • Small groups
    • Young adults
    • Seaside location
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  • Juniors


    • 20 lessons
    • Residence accommodation
    • 28th June to 30th August
    • 24/7 supervision
    • Project-based learning
    • Active leisure program
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Learn English in Malta & Gozo with BELS

BELS is an owner-run, fully accredited, group of boutique English language schools, founded in 1997. The BELS English language schools group includes:

- BELS Gozo for adults seeking a professional, calm, environment; where learning English is their top priority
- BELS Malta for adults who want to pursue learning English in a modern and trendy environment, where they wish to integrate their English learning experience with meeting new people
- BELS Juniors for teens travelling to Malta to learn English, wishing to make many new friends while participating in our exciting, fun and safe leisure programme

At BELS, we strive to provide quality education for adults and teens alike; through the delivery of student-centred lessons. We create tailor-made courses which are based on students’ needs and wants, in a specialised setting, in state of the art schools. Our dynamic team and professional teachers all value our balanced international student mix and strive to provide our clients with best value for money.

Our core values are:

  • To provide top quality tuition
  • To deliver student-centred lessons
  • To offer tailor-made courses
  • To have an international student mix
  • To give clients best value for money.


  • Fallou

    BELS Malta


    "An experience such as mine is to learn English in an incredible and fun atmosphere. Malta is an ideal location to improve my English. The BELS school teachers and administration are very experienced, whilst the lessons were interesting and developed in various ways.

    Malta is a beautiful country and I am spending 6 months on this mediterranean island. A big thank you to the BELS team!"


    "Vivre une expérience telle que la mienne, correspond à apprendre l'anglais dans une ambiance de plaisir incroyable. Partir à Malte c'est l'ideal pour améliorer mon anglais. L'ecole BELS à des enseignants et une administration tres compétente. Les cours dispensés sont tous interessants et élaborés de facon tres variés. Malte est un pays magnifique et j'ai passé 6 mois inoubliables sur cette îles méditerranéenne. Un grand merci à toute l'administration de BELS school."

    Fallou Serigne Fall - BELS Malta student, France

  • Adisa

    BELS Malta


    "I was in BELS Malta for 3 months and have collected a lot of experiences. My host family and the BELS team are very friendly and I was very pleased with the quality of the lessons. From St. Paul's Bay, my new friends and I visited Valletta, Comino and Mellieħa Bay."


    "Ich war für drei Monate in Malta und habe eine Menge an Erfahrungen gesammelt. Meine Gastfamilie und das BELS Team haben mich freundlich aufgenommen und ich war mit der Qualität des Unterrichts und der Assistenten sehr zufrieden. Ich habe schnell Freunde gefunden, mit denen ich Valletta und Comino besichtigt habe und mit denen ich zum Strand gegangen bin."

    Adisa Mehović – BELS Malta student, Germany

  • Abdul

    BELS Malta


    "I came over from Libya in order to study English. I am currently at BELS Malta for 2 months to improve my English language skills. Thanks to BELS I benefited a lot and thank all the school staff for their efforts."


    انا قادم من ليبيا لكي ادرس اللغه الانجلزيه.
    انا طالب في BELS لتقوية اللغه الانجلزيه لمدة شهرين.
    مدرسة BELS مدرسه جيده و فيها مدارسين جيدين وانا استفدت من هذه المدرسة وانا اشكر كل العاملين في هذه المدرسه على المجهودات المبذولة

    Abdulmonam Bahis - BELS Malta student, Libya

  • Alexie

    BELS Malta


    "In January 2014 when I arrived in Malta I didn't speak English. However, after every 4 weeks here I find that I have improved a lot! Today, after almost 5 months at BELS Malta, I am in Advanced level. I'm happy to have this experience with BELS.

    I met many people in this school and I have new friends who speak English with me. My goal was to speak, write and read this language to go to an international university in Paris, and I think it is now possible!"


    "En Janvier 2014 quand je suis arrivée à Malta, je ne parlais pas anglais. Cependant en seulement 4 semaines, j'ai beaucoup progressé! Je suis passée au niveau Intermédiaire. Aujourd'hui après presque 5 mois, je suis au niveau Avancé. Je suis heureuse de vivre cette expérience avec BELS. J'ai rencontré beaucoup de monde dans cette école et maintenant, j'ai de nouveaux amis avec lesquels je peux parler anglais. C'est génial pour améliorer votre anglais! En venant ici, mon objectif était de parler, écrire et lire cette langue dans le but d'intégrer une trés bonne université parisienne. Je pense qu'aujourd'hui, c'est possible!"

    Alexie Videira - BELS Malta Student, France

  • Roberto

    BELS Malta


    "I am from Venezuela and in my country I am a student of theater, actors & directors. I like to study English in Malta because it is a beautiful island with great weather!"

  • Anna

    BELS Gozo


    "I have been studying English in BELS for 8 months. At first I chose BELS because of the great location (in a quiet town, very close to the sea). Additionally, what was also important for me, BELS schools are located on both islands, so I could share my time between Malta and Gozo to discover and compare both islands and both schools, which was very interesting.

  • Nicole

    BELS Gozo


    "This is the 4th time I have come to BELS Gozo. The school is great, super friendly teachers and teaching is excellent. Jahel (School Manager) greets you with a very warm welcome and is always here for you.

    I chose the host family because I feel very much like I am in my own home. Carmen and Joseph (my host family) are very kind. During leisure time on Gozo, one can enjoy long walks and even stay on the beaustiful beaches. I love Gozo."


    "Cela va faire la 4ème fois que je viens à BELS Gozo. L'école est superbe, de bons professeurs, amicaux et l'enseignement y est excellent. Jahel (directeur d'école) vous accueille de façon très chaleureuse et demeure toujours là pour vous. J'ai de nouveau choisi une famille d'accueil parce que je m'y sens aussi bien que dans dans ma propre maison. Carmen et Joseph (ma famille d'accueil) sont très gentils. Vous mixez ainsi les cours d'anglais, les visites de Gozo, vous pouvez faire de longues balades, rester sur de très belles plages... J'aime Gozo."

    Nicole Lemarchand - BELS Gozo student, France

  • Ivan

    BELS Gozo

    Ivan Bezak

    "I am satisfied because the school is ideal for adult learners. The teachers are very good and the school offers nearby private accommodation or host family accommodation. This is my 2nd course at BELS Gozo."


    "Som spokojny s touto Škola lebo je ideálny pre dospelých študentov. Učitelia sú veľmi dobré a škola ponúka v okolí ubytovania v súkromí alebo hostiteľskej rodine ubytovanie. To je môj druhý kurz v BELS Gozo."

    Ivan Bezák - BELS Gozo student, Slovakia

  • Carmela

    BELS Gozo


    ‘I booked a two week language programme at BELS Gozo because I wanted to get away from my hectic life in Switzerland and to learn English. At BELS, I enjoyed lessons in a small group with just 6 students and it was easier for me to understand this new language. I recommend a stay on Gozo any time.’

  • Sandra

    BELS Teens


    ‘I like Gozo because it is quiet and beautiful. I enjoyed being at BELS Gozo because students are of my same age. The school makes English fun and the Gozitan people are very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my 12 week stay here and I am glad I chose to stay on Gozo as I found my second home here!’

  • Mikhail

    BELS Teens


    ‘Hello, my name is Mikhail and I would like to share my experience from my trip to Malta with BELS last Summer. I arrived there on June 29th and stayed for three weeks. I lived in the BELS Juniors residence. The hotel was small and comfortable, had clean rooms, a nice pool and very friendly staff. The food was always of high quality, varied and very tasty. I found the English lesson interesting & the teachers … superb. We were taken on excursions every day, I particularly liked the excursion to the Blue Lagoon on the Isle of Comino. It is incredibly beautiful there! We also visited Valetta (the capital city), Sliema (for shopping) and Mdina (the Silent City). There were a lot of students from different nationalities and although we all spoke different languages we all made friends! We were always supervised and very well taken care of. At the end of my stay, I received a certificate and a lot of unforgettable memories.‘

  • Lasse

    BELS Teens


    'Hi I’m Lasse and I come from Germany. I came to Malta for my autumn holidays and even though it is October, the weather is still warm. In fact we went to the beach a few times and I managed to swim too! The BELS team is young and fun but they are also serious too. I liked it here with BELS because it is small and very personal. It’s like being with my family.'

  • Frederika

    BELS Teens


    ‘Hello! I am Federika and I come from Germany. I booked a 2 week programme with BELS and I am very happy to have chosen Malta to improve my English. I just love the warm weather and the sun! I am having a great time with BELS.’

  • Maria

    BELS Teens


    ‘Hola! My name is Maria and I come from Barcelona in Spain. This is the first time that I travel abroad on my own and I feel very safe here in Malta. The BELS team organise a lot of different activities for us. I especially enjoy the beach activities. Lessons are fun too :)’

  • Lennart

    BELS Teens


    ‘Hi! I’m Lennart and I am in Malta with my brother Lasse. This is the second time that we have come to Malta with BELS. They have an awesome programme with a mix of lessons and activities. The weather is always warm here and we see the sun every day. This is a great opportunity for us to make new friends from all over the world. We recommend BELS to everyone!’

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